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Just Around the River Bend – Guide School 2013

March 18th, 2013 by Amy diVittorio
BGS 2009 2 cropped

Boat Flipping Practice

BGS 2009

Class of 2009

If life is a river then the 2013 rafting season is just around the bend. That means we have the Cal Salmon, the Merced, spring flows, 100 degree heat, Poppy Hill and Guide School not so far off in the not-so-distant future. Guide School this year will be offered twice: once in April, April 11-14 and 19-21, and once in June, June 18-24.

People join Guide School for various reasons.  Some want to improve their skills as private rafters, others are looking for 7 adventuresome days of rafting and camaraderie, while others fully intend to become full-time hardcore river raft guides. While that process can be challenging and arduous, full of flips, swims, knots, and gear shuffles, there is no doubt that the journey begins at Guide School and that it will change you.  Guide School is open to all over 16 though most of our students are 18 and over.  It is an intense week of early mornings, variable conditions, heart-pumping moments, laughs for your six-pack, aaaaaaand pretty much the best time you will have with a bunch random people. Join us, if you dare! For more info see our Guide School Page where you will find a link to the Guide School Questionnaire. And, if you want to work as a guide this season you should also check out our Employment Page where you read about the hiring process and find a link to our application. Hope to see you ’round the bend.

Sale Ends Today: Last Day to Save 25% on Your Raft Trip

January 31st, 2013 by Amy diVittorio

That’s right folks – the Pre-Season Sale ends today at 5pm.

Don’t let the sun set without taking advantage of it.

 1(800) 247-2387  /  rivers@aorafting.com


It’s a Happy New Year — Snowpack Update

January 10th, 2013 by Amy diVittorio

by Sarah diVittorio, Dec 2012, Sierra at Tahoe

Well, (knock on wood) 2013 is off to a fabulous start thanks to a remarkable hand-off in the final stretches from 2012. The six weeks of wet, cold storms in December covered the Sierra Nevadas with a brilliant blanket of snow. We water sport enthusiasts are delighted to be skiing on that snow today and, before you know it, we’ll be rafting on it.

Now my mother says not to count your chickens before they hatch but, a wee winter storm update couldn’t hurt, right? According to blogger Bryan Allegretto of The Tahoe Daily Snow we have already received 55% of the seasonal average and we have a lot of winter ahead (not to mention we got several inches last night). Below average temperatures and intermittent snow are keeping conditions ideal in the mountains. The California Department of Water Resources reports that the Folsom, New Melones, and Don Pedro reservoirs are at or above 100% of historical averages. This means that upstream reservoirs on rivers like the South and Middle Forks of the American, the Tuolumne, and the North Stanislaus are likely to be full and ready to spill in the Spring. At this point we are looking at similar conditions to 2010 (yes, my fingers are crossed).

So, if you were wondering if you should take advantage of our Pre-Season Sale, I think the answer is clear. But, wait! Maybe you don’t know when you want to raft. Maybe you don’t know where you want to raft. Eh, no worries… with the Pre-Season Sale you can purchase a certificate in January, get 25% more for money and use it like a credit toward the AO trip you choose. This is the best promotion we do all year because it allows you to save some of those hard-earned dollars and raft on your own schedule. Remember, the sale ends at 5pm on January 31st. After that, new 2013 rates go into effect. Carpe Diem or forever hold your peace.


Pre-Season Sale – Save 25% on AO Trips and/or Gift Certificates

December 18th, 2012 by Amy diVittorio

Top Five Reasons to Give the Gift of Rafting to the Ones You Love
#5 Treats are tasty, but sometimes we need something Healthier and More Exhilarating.
#4 A family trip to a theme park is great, but a rafting Mini-Vacation is better.
#3 Reality TV is not Real Adventure.
#2 Video games are fun, but Experiences Last a Lifetime.
#1 Photos are pretty, but Being There is Better.

Yep, I know it may sound little wacky to discount all trips and gift certificates by 25% but that is in fact what we are doing. You don’t even have to know when you will raft, just that you will raft.  So for any rafter types out there this is bar none the best deal of the year. You get 25% more for your money and you can pick the date later (who can plan that far ahead anyway!).  It’s like getting 133 cents on the dollar.  Let me explain; you can spend your budget, um let’s say it’s $100, and you get $133 dollars to spend on the AO trip of your choice.  And, there are no black-out days, no hitches. Spend it on a gift certificate, spend it on yourself – it doesn’t matter because you still get 25% off the face value. That’s the Pre-Season Sale and it ends Jan. 31, 2013 at 5 pm.

AO eNews – April 2008: Flow Predictions

April 10th, 2008 by Sammy Russo

The 2008 season is open and we’re looking at a great season in 2008. Flows will consistent and fun.. get all the details in this months issue.

In this issue:
2008 Predictions & Flow Report
20% Spring Rafting Discount

Read this month’s issue of the AO eNews

Snowpack Looking Good for California Rafting in 2008!

March 11th, 2008 by Sammy Russo

Spring is in the air and we’ve just posted our first issue of the AO eNews of the 2008 season.

In this issue:
California Snowpack Update
Whitewater Guide School 2008

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Forward Paddle into Summer Rafting

June 12th, 2007 by Sammy Russo

AO eNews Issue 5, Vol 10, June 12, 2007

Forward Paddle into Summer Rafting
Summer is definitely here – whether Solstice has passed or not! The weather is warming up nicely. More guides have returned from winter adventures near and far, and people are ready to get out on the water.

In this Months Issue

  • Which Rivers are Running Strong?
  • Multimedia Extravaganza
  • Web Specials – Discounted Trips!
  • Read this months Issue… Click Here!

AO eNews Issue 3 Vol.10, May 9, 2007

May 9th, 2007 by Sammy Russo

Full Reservoirs Counteract Low California Snowpack!
Consistent whitewater rafting all summer on five dam-controlled rivers

In this Months Issue:

  • Full Reservoirs Counteract Low Snowpack in 2007
  • Extended Cherry Creek Season
  • Whitewater and Wine Tasting Trip
  • June 10th Win a Free Trip

Read this Months Issue.. Click Here!