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Class IV-V rafting trip in Patagonia this winter

December 13th, 2011 by Malina

Our annual rafting expedition to Chile’s beautiful Patagonia region is just around the corner.  The “Rio Futaleufu” is a genuinely world-class river.  Challenging rapids, high-volumne water, jaw-dropping scenery………..all that and then you get to come home every night to a wood-fired hot tub, tasty dinners, fabulous local wines, and a comfy bed.  Did I mention the optional hikes?  Or the horse-back riding?  Or the massage? Fly-fishing?  Yoga classes?  Yeah, it’s pretty cool.  Our trip dates are January 12-20 this year and we would love to see you there!  Give us a call for more info and details on our Futaleufu rafting trip!


(Pic: That’s some seriously beautiful water.  Imagine rafting in that!)

World Class Rafting: Futaleufu 2011!

September 27th, 2010 by Malina

California river rafting may be winding down for the year but we’re just getting started on our winter rafting plans.  And they ain’t too shabby.  Join us for our annual expedition to Patagonia Chile and experience one of the world’s best river trips: the beyond-beautiful Futaleufu River. Class IV and V rapids, massive hydraulics, and aquamarine water are only the half of it.  Your adventure will also include horseback riding, evenings with local families, a woodfired hot tub, local wines, and a luxurious riverside camp.

The fabulousness begins in January.  Our trip this year is Jan 7-15, 2011.  For more info go to http://www.futaleufu.com/welcome.htm or call our reservations office and ask for Claudette!

Rafting Adventure in South America 2010

October 19th, 2009 by Malina

cvchile03_177If you can’t wait until the 2010 California Rafting season opens for a whitewater fix join us this January in South America for a rafting adventure that will blow everything else out of the water!  I mean our trips in California are awesome and everything but our trip in Chile is beyond awesome–a riverside resort complete with Yoga classes, a wood-fired hot tub and local wines.  Plus the glorious Futaleufu River, whose beauty is hard to match.  Oh and horseback riding.  Hiking.  Lazy days by the river.  Tasty local food.



Did I mention a crew of AO friends and family is heading down this year too?  And of course we are officially more fun than a barrel ofimages monkeys, harder to tie down than a herd of cats, and totally ready to rumble.  Can you even process how fun this trip is going to be?

Pictures from AO rafting trip to Chile

December 15th, 2008 by Malina

Photos from a recent adventure on a Futaleufu rafting trip:        

 Some of your hosts  . . .






The view from camp . . .








Gear and put in . . .

A day hike . . .

There is still room on our 2009 trip to Chile and the Futaleufu river.  Call us for more info or click here.

Patagonia Adventures off the River

October 28th, 2008 by Malina

Just to prove the point that our annual excursion to the Futaleufu River in Chile’s Patagonia region is even more than a world-class river trip:

(photos taken by previous guest on Futaleufu trip with All-Outdoors)

Update on Futaleufu, Chile, Volcano Eruption

October 6th, 2008 by Malina

As you may remember, back in May I told you about the devastating volcano eruption in Futaleufu, Chile.  The disaster was particularly poignant to us because we run a river trip on the Rio Futaleufu every January so we really wanted to do something to help. 

Over the course of the many years planning these trips and making them a reality, All-Outdoors became close with one of the families in the region.  The parents, Domingo and Emilia, have raised their three daughters very humbly, even though they themselves are college-educated.  Domingo supports the family using huge oxen to harvest trees from his father’s property.  The vast amounts of ash spewed from the eruption killed many animals in Futaluefu,–including Domingo’s oxen–so for now, his means of supporting his family is in dire jeapordy. 

All-Outdoors decided the best way to help in the aftermath of the eruption would be to focus on this family because of our long ties with them.  Guests on previous trips have stayed at their isolated home, eaten meals with them, and gotten an incredible inside look at traditional life in the region.  One of the most pressing concerns right now is the school tuition and related expenses for the three children, so All-Outdoors recently wired enough money to Domingo to pay for these costs for the next two months so that he can focus on rebuilding his livelihood.  We look forward to seeing his family and learning more on our trip south this January.


(Above: Guests on previous trips to the Futaleufu took these photographs of Domingo’s family)

Futaleufu River Rafting Trip in South America: January 2009

August 23rd, 2008 by Malina

California rafting doesn’t usually hit its stride until late spring–if you suspect you’re going to go a little stir crazy without a fix before then, join All-Outdoors on our annual excursion to Chile, South America.

The dates for this year’s trip are January 6th to the 14th.  You’re responsible for your plane flight (or hey, sail there!  Ride your motorcycle! Hitchhike–we don’t care!), but once you’ve arrived you’ll enjoy a week of truly world-class South American river rafting, beautiful wilderness, and a luxurious camp complete with a hot tub, tasty food, and plenty of Chile’s fabulous wines.  Options like horse-back riding, hiking, and other adventures yet to be planned mean you will never have a dull moment.  Unless you want one–bring a book, hole away in some quiet spot and chill out.  To each their own.

If you’re interested in joining this unique trip you can get more South America rafting info here, or you can call Claudette in our office and she can help you.  Reach Claudette at 1 925 932 8993 ex 100.