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Goodwin Canyon Days Extended

October 17th, 2012 by Amy diVittorio

Yes, the secret got about Goodwin Canyon Days and the first weekend is full.  So, we are offering the special itinerary of double runs + BBQ on Saturday, Oct. 27th.  We call that Goodwin Canyon Days and most people out there call it a steal.  But you don’t have to take my word for it – you can read the Goodwin Canyon feedback for yourself.

We hope to see you soon on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. For a preview check out the video below taken by one of our guests.  It was a wild ride indeed.

YouTube Preview Image

Class IV Rafting in October

September 21st, 2012 by cameron

Class IV rafting is reborn this October. Much like the phoenix, which expires and then is reborn in fire, class IV rafting will wear itself out at the end of September as the Middle Fork American River loses rafting flows but then resurges in the middle of October as the Goodwin Canyon opens for a limited time.

Quick, take out your planner, computer or smart phone and put these dates in it: October 17-October 29, October 19-October 22. These are our dates to run the Goodwin Canyon.

You might notice that the second set of dates happens within the first set. Well on these middle days we are going to be doing some special trips down the canyon; double runs with a barbecue lunch in between. That’s twice rafting and some tasty grilled food for exactly the same price.

Some things about the river: it flows through a beautiful and unique canyon. In place of granite boulders, marble-patterned igneous (volcano formed) rock frames the clear, blue-green water. The canyon walls are steep and high, and at the banks of the river are willows and cottonwoods. The milage is short, but the rapids are well worth it. Mr. Toads and Haunted House are powerful class IV+ rapids that provide a shock of adrenaline. Few people run the Goodwin Canyon, so you’ll be in for a rare rafting experience through a canyon not many people get to see.

Check out some footage of Haunted House:

Hospital Bar Rapid: Class III

August 24th, 2012 by cameron

Hospital Bar is a fan favorite, class III rapid on the Lower “Gorge” Section of the South Fork American River. It caps off an awesome day of whitewater, and, as people are quick to notice, it lives up to its name (it doesn’t send you to the hospital, it’s just really fun).

So here’s how the rapid works. After a calm pond the pace of the current picks up steadily as the the river takes a sweeping left bend. Waiting at the bottom, sitting just off the right bank, is a big curling wave. By the time you hit the curler you’ve picked up a fair amount of speed, and then the raft takes a sudden dip and goes crashing through the wave. A wall of water blankets the raft. Then you pull a right turn as the river takes a sharp right bend, and you coast by the parking garage (or catchers mitt), a rock that’s looking to catch a hold of your raft.

Hotshot Imaging and Whitewater Photos Online take your picture as you go through the rapid. There are always a few shots of your raft disappearing beneath the crash of whitewater followed by a few shots of shocked, ecstatic, smiling faces. Both companies have shops in town where you can check out your photos (they don’t post South Fork photos online).

Last Chance and Tunnel Chute Rapids

August 1st, 2012 by cameron

It’s another exciting day on the Middle Fork American River. You’ve gotten up early to meet us in Forest Hill, CA, a one-horse town that was once considered as a possibility for the state capital. You’re already wet and enjoying yourself…and then there’s this:

Last Chance is a natural rapid, a powerful pour-over of water. Tunnel Chute is man made, the site of a giant mining operation during the California Gold Rush. Prospectors working for a company blasted in the chute that is now the rapid and then straight on through the side of the ridge. This drained out a stretch of river bed revealing a huge amount of gold. It was the largest find of the Gold Rush.

Get your kicks on the Kaweah! New video (7/1/11 trip)

July 27th, 2011 by Roxanne

Question: What do you get when you mix youthful energy, waterslides, flippin’ boats, surfers, and a touch of testosterone?

Answer: An adventurous day on the water with the world famous AO river guides, Brad and Scott! Add some adventurous guests and you’re raftin’ down the Class IV+ wonder that is the Kaweah.

Our new video from a Kaweah 1-Day trip on July 1, 2011 is quite a show. And the soundtrack ain’t too shabby either… Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Were you on this river trip? Or any Kaweah river trip? Share your experience with us and write a Kaweah River review online

For best quality, view in HD

Take a ride on the Tuolumne! New footage…

July 6th, 2011 by Roxanne

Thanks to a handy headcam, some high-water lovin’ rafters, and a darn good river guide, we’ve got some great new footage to share with you. This Tuolumne 1-Day trip was captured just a couple weeks ago when it was roaring at 11,500 CFS!

This full length version (27 minutes), covers most of the Class IV-IV+ rapids on the T’s 18 river miles. Watch it and fall in love with the Tuolumne all over again…

YouTube Preview Image
Switch to 1080p on YouTube player for best quality.
Special thanks to Chuck Salisbury of Choice Exposure for footage.

North Stanislaus River Rafting Video

August 9th, 2008 by Tessa Sibbet

The North Stanislaus River flows only during a short period in the springtime, usually in late April and May. Unlike other Class IV Sierra runs, the North Stan is a high elevation run (nearly 5000 feet at put-in), lined by redwood trees and filled with enormous granite boulders. The North Stan is one of the most picturesque rivers in California and becomes a favorite run for anyone who gets the opportunity to raft there. We recently launched a North Stanislaus rafting video produced by Ben Zupo, one of the camera men for the hit TV show, The Deadliest Catch. You can watch it here:

Cherry Creek Class V Rafting Video

April 3rd, 2008 by Malina

Last week we launched some new California rafting videos, shot on our river trips last summer. We just added another one, of Cherry Creek, a river one of our guests described as “transcendent and transformative.”

Whether you’re an arm-chair adventurer or the real deal, check out our new video, which gives you a virtually-guided tour of the Class-V extravaganza that is the AO Cherry Creek trip. We’ve been out on the Creek since the 1980s, and even though we love family-friendly rivers like the South Fork, there are some of us that pretty much live for Cherry Creek I am not one of those people, because I am a wimp, but even I love the video.

After you watch the Cherry Creek video, check out our new “Cherry Creek frequently asked questions” page to learn more about these remarkable trips. Because class V rafting is a challenge, we’ve found that people tend to have lots of questions–so we thought we’d give you quick answers to some of the easy ones. Call us if we missed anything (800-24-RAFTS).

AO’s Summer of Multimedia

June 12th, 2007 by Sammy Russo

The 2007 California rafting season has been officially dubbed (by me the AO webmaster)… “The Summer of Multimedia.” To celebrate this soon to be world-renowned era, we just launched several new flash slide shows containing the very best of what Mark Reiner (guide & adventure photographer) shot for AO during the 2005 season. You can view these slide shows on the main river pages of AOrafting.com. So far we have completed slide shows for the South Fork American, Middle Fork American, Tuolumne and Cherry Creek. We hope to complete the rest of the slide shows in the coming weeks.

And in case you haven’t been keeping up with our RSS Feed from this blog… we’ve also added a series of rafting videos shot over the course of the last few months.

We hope to continue posting even more videos, photos and maybe even some Podcasts for you to enjoy and share with your virtual communities around the web.

I don’t know… I think this could rival the Renaissance Movement.

Nice work AO Web Team… thanks for making “The Summer of Multimedia” a smashing success!