Class IV Rafting in October

September 21st, 2012 cameron

Class IV rafting is reborn this October. Much like the phoenix, which expires and then is reborn in fire, class IV rafting will wear itself out at the end of September as the Middle Fork American River loses rafting flows but then resurges in the middle of October as the Goodwin Canyon opens for a limited time.

Quick, take out your planner, computer or smart phone and put these dates in it: October 17-October 29, October 19-October 22. These are our dates to run the Goodwin Canyon.

You might notice that the second set of dates happens within the first set. Well on these middle days we are going to be doing some special trips down the canyon; double runs with a barbecue lunch in between. That’s twice rafting and some tasty grilled food for exactly the same price.

Some things about the river: it flows through a beautiful and unique canyon. In place of granite boulders, marble-patterned igneous (volcano formed) rock frames the clear, blue-green water. The canyon walls are steep and high, and at the banks of the river are willows and cottonwoods. The milage is short, but the rapids are well worth it. Mr. Toads and Haunted House are powerful class IV+ rapids that provide a shock of adrenaline. Few people run the Goodwin Canyon, so you’ll be in for a rare rafting experience through a canyon not many people get to see.

Check out some footage of Haunted House:

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