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Colin L: River Guide

October 9th, 2009 Malina

colin_katieE09Where to start here with Colin?  The organic garden in a bathtub?  No, too typical.  Doesn’t set him apart.  Maybe the work with the orphanage in Nicaragua?  eh.  Again, nothing new there–so many people do that stuff.  The irrigation system powered by old bicyle parts?  yawn.   I give up.  So on with the rafting–fondly called The Hatchet, Colin is one of our trusted guide trainers,  a disciplined and serious crafter of whitewater professionals.  In fact, as you can see from the portrait above (Colin is in the middle), The Hatchet takes “professional” behavior seriously–so much so that sometimes we office people have to remind him to loosen up and enjoy the job…..  

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  1. katieevans Says:

    Oh Colin… you look so handsome in your goggles. It really brings out your eyes. I must admit when I took the pick, it was the “Captain Morgan” pose that really made that picture one of a kind! Thanks for the memories… be prepared to make some more!!!

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