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Guide Bio: Mason!

August 16th, 2010 by Malina

Mason.  He of the flaming rocket tattoo.   Hoster of mid-winter, off-season (possibly off-color, but I’m just guessing) Prom Nights. Secret channeler of The King, navigator of strange inflatable animals, and latest in a long line of AO love affairs (he’s betrothed to another AO guide–oh South Fork, you mysterious mistress of romance and commitement, how you lure us in, stinky chacos, funny tan lines, and endless deli sandwiches and all).  Mason brings with his mischivious personality other talents–a legacy of service in the armed forces (if he starts telling you stories about creative ways to heat a pot of water watch out!  This guy has some skills!), a serious love of adventure, and a sweet smile that keeps guests writing rave letters and coming back summer after summer.

(The many sides of Mason: Summer in Baghdad (second from left), Summer in the States (far right)………..)

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