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Mini-extension for Merced River Rafting

May 28th, 2013 Malina

261615_10151410774292344_1589753647_nWhile recent cooler temperatures may be a downer for tomato farmers and sunbathers, they are boon to Merced River rafters this year.  The cooling trend has helped to preserve the snowpack–plunging nightime temps help (literally) solidify the snowpack so there’s more for the daytime melt.

Don’t start looking at your August calendar for a Yosemite-area getaway (unless you want to see the Tuolumne), but we do think we’ll have an extra week of rafting trips on the Merced for you this year.  At this point–and of course we’ll keep you updated–we predict the weekend of June 8-9 will the final opportunity for the Merced in 2013.


(Left: Merced River guide Joe E May 11, 2013)

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