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North Fork Smith- Pictures

January 30th, 2006 Robyn Suddeth

Our second day of rafting this last weekend in Northern California, the North Fork of the Smith was an amazing run. The landscape shifted back and forth between a wide smooth river rolling through soft hillsides of fir trees and darlingtonia plants, and a steep gorge of conglomorate boulders and waterfalls.

F 350.JPG

No, this is not a Ford Advertisement, but it should be! Although Smokey and Adam might kill me if I didn’t mention that they, in fact, were the creators of that steel rack. So Ford doesn’t get all the credit here. This picture was taken at put-in. Pretty amazing how much stuff we fit up there! That’s a boat, two cat frames, a stern frame, and two kayaks.

North Smith.JPG

Adam (also referred to by Brad as “Captain our Captain”) and I enjoying a calmer break between steeper gorge sections.

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