Apple Pie and Whitewater Rafting…….

Posted October 18, 2010 by Malina

………………..the great American combo!  Ok, well maybe not.  But still not a bad idea.  And here in lovely El Dorado County, we can offer you award-winning versions of both! In the the same weekend, no less, how ya doin.

The South Fork of the American continues to flow past the turning fall colors, and lucky rafters may even see local wildlife this time of year–was that a BEAR that got into our garbage the other day?  Holy cow.  Anyway, after working up an appetite you can head just a few minutes up the road to Apple Hill, where miles upon miles of beautiful orchards and fruit stands will help you find all kinds of ways to replenish all those calories you burned on the water.  Apple pie.  Apple dumplings.  Apple turnovers-crisps-butters-sauces-jams-jellies and yes, even a little Apple Wine.

Apple Hill maps are easy to come by–look online or just grab one at the first farmstand you see.  Then follow the scent of cinnamon and butter and you should be good to go.


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