California’s Best Whitewater Guide School 2008

Posted March 27, 2008 by Malina


Applications are comin’ in and people are getting ready to power down some serious whitewater rafting experience at the All-Outdoors whitewater guide school this April.  Our guide school is a great way to learn the basics of what it takes to become a professional whitewater rafting guide in California. 

(Above: You’ll learn valuable skills like how to have fun sitting on a bag of gear in the Tuolumne  River warehouse….) 

 Our instructors will introduce you to skills like reading water, running rapids, equipmentimgp0280.JPG 101, safety and crisis management, and cooking like a pro in the wilderness.  After our whitewater rafting school you’ll know your thwart from your thole pins, your softie bag from your splash jacket, and your trucker’s hitch from your t-grip.

(Right: If you study hard and practice a lot, someday you too will T-off waves, row massive gear boats, and if you’re lucky, cook eggs as perfect as Kyle’s . . . )

imgp0286.JPGYou may wake up slightly damp in your tent, you may have pruney hands for a week, you may stay up and get smoke in your eyes around the campfire and go to bed with leaves in your hair–but you’ll also spend long satisfying days on the South Fork of the American River, learn rafting basics from our fabulous (in our opinion!) senior guides, and, let’s face it, you’ll just have fun, pure and simple. 

(Above:  After graduation, this becomes your “corner office with a view.”  Lots of air conditioning, side benefits include buff arms and a chaco tan….)

Check out our Guide School Application and get started!


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