California Rafting: Mid-March Flow Update

Posted March 17, 2010 by Malina

Y’all are gonna LOVE this news!  Up here in Northern California we are looking at a Sierra snowpack that is 125% of normal!  Of course, as I always remind you, there is plenty of time left for that to change one way or t’other, but for now, let’s be glass 125% FULL people, shall we?  Assuming we stay on this path for the rest of the winter, we’re looking at spring water that’s nice and high, and then solid standard flows all summer long on dam-controlled rivers.

So that’s Northern California–but the rest of state looks good too!  Down south they’re clocking about 103% and in the center of the state, around 93%.  I don’t know about you, but I think our Golden State could use a little love, and we in the rafting business are more than happy to cash that particular check, thank you very much!  High spring water is as good as gold ’round these parts . . .

(this is how happy the latest flow info makes us!)


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