California Rafting Season OPEN for 2010

Posted April 1, 2010 by Malina

This is it people–we’re officially good and open for business.  We’ve already got lots of trips on the books, and many weekends of high adventure planned.  Some of our first guests this year are ferocious bachelor party groups ready to send the groom-to-be-down the magical rapids of marital bliss!  Sounds better than a strip club and too many Whiskey Sours to me. 

Did I just write “strip club?”  wow.  ANYway, in other, possibly more useful news, we will definitely be having some high water trips this year–stay tuned for details.  We’ll have Gregg A’s official flow prediction out any day now and I’ll also let you know vital stats like CFS on the Tuolumne River and any epic days on the normally-tame-but-sometimes-delirious South Fork of the American.

(Above: Springtime rafting on the Merced River)


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