Controversy 2009: Napkins and Paper Plates!

Posted August 20, 2009 by Malina

report cardWe listen to customer feedback.  We want to know how your rafting trip with us was, even if there was something we could have done better.  Sometimes though, even though we hear the same feedback over and over we…………. ignore it.


Wait–what’s that I just said?  We ignore feedback?   Ok not really, but here’s  an example of something we aren’t jumping to change:  an issuenapkin that comes up every summer is that we don’t have paper plates and napkins out during lunch.  Now I agree, a plate and a napkin is very civilized and very nice to have.  So why don’t we have them?  Blame the wind people, blame the wind.  Seriously–we’ve tried and tried but they end up blowing away,  ending up as sodden masses on the riverbank, dangling forlornly from trees and bushes, sticking to tree trunks, and making our lunch spots look more like refugee camps than anything else.  Of course there’s also the paper waste to consider, and we do try to be as green as possible.  We figure it’s ok to wash off in the river and be just a little messy every once and a while, and we hope y’all agree!

But keep those comments coming–we do make a consistant effort to refine and perfect our river trips from start to finish!


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