The Streets Are Flooding… Woohoo!

Posted February 26, 2007 by Laura Armstrong

It is one of the many curious and less-understood side effects of becomming a boater… Normal outdoorsy folks who used to love warm, sun-shiny days, all of a sudden become obsessed with rain. Literally… we track every single storm that might hit the Sierras, cry when they don’t and rejoice when they do. And it doesn’t matter how much rain comes either. Sure, the gravel road leading to my house is quickly becomming a small stream system and my car is finding it more and more difficult to ford the waters, but no mind. We’re getting snow in dem there mountains! And snow means water later, which means fun rafting come springtime. So woohoo! Below is a link to the latest daily regional snowpack summary from the California Department of Water Resources. With 2 to 3 percent jumps in percent of average per day, it looks like we may pull off an average year after all… and maybe even better!
California Department of Water Resources Daily Regional Snow Water Equivalent


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