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Goodwin Canyon is making a guest appearance for AO!

September 15th, 2011 Jeremy

Are you one of those rafters who has taken down all that AO has to offer? You’ve mastered Cherry Creek, know both sections of the South Fork better than your own children, and could probably guide a raft down Tunnel Chute? Well then first of all, thanks for being awesome.

But also, we have a new challenge for you this season! Because of the insane snow melt and long-lasting flows, the Goodwin Canyon run is now going to be opened to AO trips, starting TODAY! It’s a rare gem that we are all too excited to put rafters on for the next month or so.

Though Goodwin Canyon is just a 4-mile run, it’s got the chops to make for a crazy day on the river. If you hop on a trip here, expect a bunch of fun class III’s, broken up by two HUGE class IV’s. There is also a big class V-VI that we portage, called Matterhorn. One of the coolest features of the river is that you are paddling through a volcanic gorge!

Also, who doesn’t love having the river to themselves all day? Here at AO, we definitely do! And while we can’t guarantee nobody else will be out there, it’s rare to see another outfitter patrolling the Goodwin Canyon waters.

So if you are looking for that last-minute, end of season white water fix, give us a call and book your trip for Goodwin Canyon today!

Oh, and if you want to see this river in action, watch a video here. You can also read customer reviews.

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