Happy New Year 2008!

Posted January 5, 2008 by Malina

Happy new year everyone! Here at the AO River Center in Lotus we’re hunkered down in the midst of a great big storm and even though the office floor is a muddy leaf-strewn mess, a tree fell down on my dad’s pasture fence last night, and we all look sort of like drowned rodents in our rain gear, wool hats, and boots, we’re excited by the reports of snow dumping down on the Sierras. Get out your chains when you dust off those skis and goggles–the snow is coming down hard.

It’s way too soon to predict what the snowpack will look like in the end, but at the moment, All-Outdoors is happy the new year is beginning with a good winter storm in our neck of the woods. When we have more information, Gregg A will get out his looking glass, magic beans, common sense, and years of experience and write up his 2008 California whitewater predictions. We’ll share that info with you as soon as we have it. For now though, we’re looking ahead to a great year !

(P.S: Holy Cow! The storm just cranked up a few notches–I think it’s trying to go from 10 to 11 on the dial. Branches are snapping off, sheets of rain are pummeling the road, and our ornamental garden is swimming in water. I think the power is threatening to go off at any second! I better hit publish before I lose contact with the outside world . . . )


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