Hawaiian Migration- All Outdoors Guides Take Over the Islands

Posted February 5, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

It seems as though there is some kind of natural force this winter pulling All Outdoors guides westward. Perhaps it was the promise of continued warm weather, bronzed skin, and outdoor playgrounds. California’s winter is, after all, quite harsh. Sure the sun’s shining outside this window I’m sitting by, but only 65 degrees outside?? What the heck is that?!

But I digress. I wasn’t writing about myself this time. (Bad habit.)

Sooo… what are AO guides doing in Hawaii? Well, Brook is poolside at a fancy hotel in Maui, donning bikini and cocktail tray… This is her job. She somehow managed to find one that sounds almost as ridiculously fun as river guiding-she gets to meet people from all over the world while working on a tan.

Kyle and Deanna have moved on from helping out with landscaping and strawbale construction at AO’s South Fork property, to doing landscaping on the small island of Molokai. Don’t worry- they’ve assured us they’ll be back in April.

Drew’s life in Maui is a little more of a mystery. We were told in December that he was heading off to work on organic farms. Not having heard from him since, we’re now speculating that he fell in love with an exotic beauty and is enjoying long walks on the beach, sunsets, and frolicking in the Hawaiian surf. We would fear that we may have lost him to the island but he luckily left his Subaru Forester at the AO compound so we figure we’ll see him again before next season is over.

In the meantime, we’ve all got a great excuse to visit Hawaii, drink some Mai Tais with Brooke, take a look at one of the less commercialized islands (Molokai) and search for Drew.


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