High Weekend Water for California Rivers

Posted May 4, 2009 by Malina

dsc_02101It was a heckuva weekend on  California rivers!  We had high water on the Merced–got up to 11,000 CFS for awhile there–bigger flows down on the Kaweah, and the Tuolumne shot up to 6,000.  The North Stan got so high we actually re-routed folks to the South Fork of the American which is running at an awesome 4,000 CFS–a really fun flow for this river.  These are the highest spring flows on the South Fork that we’ve seen in a few years.  Perfect flows for running the whole river in one day.

Why the sudden increase you ask?  Oh, just the torrential downpours from on high.  Great example of how quickly things can change for whitewater rivers.  From good n’ solid spring rafting to hope-you’re-holding-onto-your-hat high overnight!  It’s supposed to continue raining here for a bit and then temperatures  should rise as well.  So if high adventure is your thing this is not the moment to miss!

 If you missed all the excitement over the weekend you can tide yourself over by sneaking a break to watch our river videos.


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