Jon Bon Jovi

Posted January 24, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

3457592323232fp335)nu=3239)565)3;9)WSNRCG=323337 8(3834nu0mrj.jpgWe’ve all heard the typical “pump-up” songs at sporting events. A basketball game without Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is just wrong, and what football game could survive without asmall sampling of Guns and Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle”? Well I would like to note a very worthy song that has been left out of these “I’m so hardcore”-collections.

With the Kaweah River at three to four times its regular flows this last spring, it was an intimidating challenge for sure. Every morning I woke up nervous, but I knew that soon I would have the inspiration and focus needed for the day.That’s because as soon as we had all piled into the white F-350 and reached the road up to put-in, Danny would turn that trusty Bon Jovi CD to number 9, and we would hear these words… “I wake up every morning, and I raise my weary head. I’ve got a suitcase for a pillow, and the ground was last night’s bed..” Matt would reach down and turn the volume up, and as soon as the chorus came around he’d give a goodTu 14,500 204a.jpg kick out the window and we’d all sing, “I’m going dooooowwwn in a blaze of glory!!!” And the day was ours! Alright so I’m getting a little carried away, but there was this really strange fact: the song lasted exactly as long as it took for us to reach put-in. Coincidence??

So the next time you’re putting together that CD sure to make you feel like the most intimidating badass there ever was, consider Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory.” It may not make you the coolest badass there ever was, but that doesn’t matter much anyway.


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