Who is this pasty white land lubber?

Posted April 21, 2006 by Malina

dan-malina-me-2.jpgRight: Are Danny, Malina, and Mark squinting at the snow or the blinding whiteness of Malina’s legs?

You may be wondering who posted that random granola-laced rant about soggy spring breaks and hemp shirts. Let me explain:

Hi. Malina here. When people ask me what my job is and I tell them I work for a rafting company their eyes usually widen and they kind of look impressed and envious and ask how cool must it be to work as a raft guide. To be totally honest, I always sort of want to lead them on and let them believe that I’m sporty and tan under my guise of bookish Grad Student. red pen.jpgActually I’m not very bookish either, although Scott A will tell you that I use alarmingly Big Words sometimes. But anyway, I always fold and admit the truth: I am the office manager here at the River Office. I do things like order pens, pay people, write for our eNews and harass our river guides with annoying bits of paperwork. I also order chums and t-shirts—if your sunglasses are falling off your face I’m your go-to (wo)man. So since I don’t guide, you may wonder what I’m doing weighing in on this here blog. Giving the office-bound a voice is what! If this blog is a sort of a “backstage pass” to the guts and glory of thestapler.jpg behind-the-scene action of a rafting company then you all must be exposed to the less-glamerous–but at times fabulous—world of the Office People in order to really get inside our (admittedly off-kilter) world. I know that somehow there’s a connection between actual whitewater rafting and what I do for All-Outdoors. And I’m going to find it. Later. After I do some proof-reading, check our supply of release forms, and order post-its.


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