Love your mother, wear our t-shirts

Posted June 23, 2006 by Malina

bene tee tag.jpgOk, so I resisted the “Raft Naked Series,” even though I was promised that if I gave in we would be rolling in dough. I was strong. And I insisted on a mix of earth and community saving shirts and ones that might actually pay for themselves someday. In the super hip and groovy department we have: shirts made by a family owned printer that has been in the business since the seventies, hemp shirts, organic cotton tanks, someamerican apparel tag.jpg organic cotton tote bags (no, I don’t know why—I just thought they were cool, ok? You can use them to haul your groceries home. Or your dirty rafting clothes after your fabulous river trip. Look at me! I’m a green marketer! Wheeeee!!), shirts that are printed on USA-made garments, and even shirts designed by members of our illustrious staff. I won’t tell you that that illustrious person is my boyfriend because that would be bragging, and bragging isn’t nice. But I will tell you that close-up stayin.jpgthe shirts were designed at the kitchen table right here in the Lotus valley just meters away from our River Office and you just can’t get any more local than that. We laughed a lot while creating them and hope that you’ll like them too.


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