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Feedback: Middle Fork American River, 1-Day Trip, 7-27-2007

August 3rd, 2000 Sammy Russo

Feedback was sent to Roxanne in our Walnut Creek office from Chris B. in Rohnert Park, CA. Chris joined us on one of our Middle Fork 1-Day trips.


Thanks for asking how our trip was. It was terrific! I was very impressed wit the advance info AO provided us. From the info you provided me over the phone when I signed up, to the confirming email and links to important info available on your website, down to your confirming call the night before. All this instilled great confidence in AO’s operations.

The pre-trip detail and info Sam shared on our ride to the put in was excellent. He covered all the main points and used humor throughout. He was very good at shifting from his jovial self to be more serious about the instructions he gave that involved personal safety.

The equipment was top notch and the in-the-boat instruction very clear and easy to follow.

The trip was a lot of fun. Both of my kids want to make this an annual trip and to bring cousins, aunts, and uncles next time too. No one fell out of our raft although I did catch Sam once and was able to pull myself back in on Chunder when I was thrown half of the way out. I loved Sam’s comment to me after he saw me pull myself in with one arm: “Chris, that was really gnarly!”

The food was great. we all had our fill and there were left overs – but not that much.

Overall, we had a great time and would definitely recommend AO to anyone considering rafting. We will also definitely be going again with AO next year and will likely be bringing along a few other family members to join in the fun.


Chris B.
P.S. Even if she denies it, we were all witnesses to Naomi asking Sam out for a date to find the four wheel trail and take it down to the river some afternoon! Just ask Sam.

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