AO Guides Model for Werner Paddles

Posted March 21, 2007 by Laura Armstrong

Although it is true that we can guide rafts through crazy whitewater, cook an amazingly elaborate meal using minimal supplies, tell tall tales better than the world´s worldliest sailors, and perform jokes that will make you laugh yourself right out of the boat, these, my friends, are not our greatest attributes as river guides. To say that any of those skills are the best thing about us guides at AO would be a gross understatement of another, more important quality: our disarming and incredibly good looks of course! They are so incredible that our smiling faces shine through even during the most stressful of situations. In fact, the word about our beauty has spread throughout the outdoor adventure industry so far and wide that AO guides are now being asked to model for various outdoor equipment catalogues and websites. Check out Tessa Sibbet and Travis Devoy here on Cherry Creek, modeling the new Werner Paddles for their website:

(Notice the grey AO boat under the Canoe and Raft category on the right side of the page.)

I have to say I’m jealous. The last catalogue I got into featured a picture of me in a slightly less than upright boat… part of the blooper reel you could say. Oh well. Looking good Tess and Travis!


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