(Sometimes) Happy to be office-bound

Posted July 31, 2006 by Malina
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Above: The lovely ladies of the Office, Amy d and Teresa

I may have mentioned this before, but when people find out I work for a rafting company they get all hopped up and excited and jealous because they think it’s so awesome that I work as a raft guide. Of course when they find out I’m really just the Office Manager Person they get bored again because being the Office Manager Person isn’t that exciting even if the people I order the pens for are all tan and buff. I understand perfectly—I quite agree that the Life of the Guide is more interesting than the Life of the Office Person. And sometimes I rue my lack of sportiness, my aversion to swimming in whitewater, my addiction to sunscreen. I sometimes think I too could be tan, at least, if not buff, if only things were different. But then, every now and then, there are those moments when the tides turn and being office-bound doesn’t suck.

For example. You know that day that The Boat Wouldn’t Budge? That day that Robyn and Co. were out on the North Stan all day trying to un-wrap the world’s stubbornest boat? Well, I know that as frustrating as that that day was that there was also a lot of laughter and good times too. But I’m not jealous.


Above: The essentials for Office Person survival

Why? Because for once, while they were out there rockin’ the whitewater I was leaving on time for the Greg Brown concert that we all supposed to be able to go to. Yep, while they were getting blistered and beaten, Danny and I were eating Sushi in Reno and cruising on over to the amphitheater.

And it was a great night. I know this has nothing to do with rafting except that if I had been on the river that day I would have left late and missed the whole freakin’ show (just ask Scott A, Laura A, and Dan W, the poor guys) but let me tell you, it was a great show. It was one of those evenings that rises up and fills you with the Spirit. The audience was loving Greg, the moon rose high and huge over the hill, the air was sweet and cool, and the music spoke to everything that is beautiful and true and wrong and broken and everything that is right and good, too.

So I was grateful that night, grateful that I sit at a desk, that I push papers and sign checks. Because I got to put them aside, lock the door, and get there in time.


Above: Office escapee Malina enjoys a rare day in non-flourescent light


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