One Month Left for Tuolumne and Cherry Creek Rafting

Posted August 6, 2012 by Malina

As much we love the T and the Creek we have to say goodbye.  Not quite yet of course–but the farewell is on the horizon.  No more trips after the first weekend of September!  Not ‘cuz we don’t wanna………….but because the big boys at the dam are literally going to shut off the water.  I mean not totally.  No dry riverbed or anything , but only enough for the fishes……..not enough for rafters.  So make your plans before it’s too late.

One, two, and three day trips are available on the Tuolumne (pictured on the left there) River.  Cherry Creek rafting trips are one day only, but if you want to see it twice, we’re happy to oblige.  You can also do a combo of the two rivers.  If you want to start at the top and stay in the canyon the whole time you’ll do Cherry Creek the first day (so you’re starting with the hard stuff! Class five right out of the gate!) and then move into the Main Tuolumne for the next one or two days.  If you want to work up to the class five stuff–a perfectly respectable thing to do–you can start of the Main Tuolumne, get some class IV and IV+ experience under your belt and then go to Cherry Creek on the last day.  Whatever suits your fancy, we have the Tuolumne Cherry Creek combo trip for you!


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