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Pam “Mama Bear” A: River Guide

March 23rd, 2006 Malina

pam.jpgYou know Pamela is back in town when a carton of farm-fresh eggs appears in the guide fridge and the smell of fried over-easies wafts about in the morning air. Maybe this commitment to morning nutrition is a way to balance the adventure of Winters spent in Fiji, excursions to Burning Man and summers spent sleeping on river banks all over California.

Pam has guided for us for several years now but that hasn’t prevented her from becoming a Dive Master or hitting the slopes in the Winter. MMmmmmmm…..is that bacon? Welcome back for another summer, Pam.

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  1. » Raft Naked? The All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting California River Blog Blog Archive Says:

    […] Since we can’t actually raft naked, as the shirt suggests, and we have to wear something, why not have it made in the USA, and grown in non-polluted soil? It doesn’t really seem that hard on the face of it. Back to the drawing board. Maybe if I put on a Beach Boys record, find a toothpick with one of those crinkley pineapples on it, and pretend I’m diving in Fiji with Mama Bear Pamela I’ll get the creative spark I need. Oh, except I’m not sporty and I don’t like the Beach Boys. . .but pineapples—I like those! […]

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