Thursday Photo Showcase Is Back!

Posted June 1, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

Lumsden 1.jpgOK so I missed a week. I have a good excuse though. I was, uh…at the place doing that really important thing.

All right, maybe no good excuse. But now the Thursday Photo Showcase is back, and better than ever. I’ve bought a brand new waterproof camera and will be taking it with me everywhere that I guide, scaring strangers all over the place by randomly taking pictures of them while they’re just out trying to have a good ole fashioned adventure. Even better- I’m going to post them online!

So, without further ado, this week’s pictures are from the Tuolumne River 1-day trip this last Monday. The sun was shining, water was high, guests were fun… a wonderful day! Enjoy the shots:

Guides Scouting Hackamack on the way down to Put-In:

scouting Hackamack.jpg

The Beginning: Pre-River Talk and Gear Prep at Meral’s Pool:

Drew Rigging His Boat:
KA & TU, Memorial Day 098.jpg

Paying Close Attention to the “Pre-River Orientation”:


No One Wants A Guide With Smelly Breath (What we do during Pre-River talks):

brushing teeth.jpg

Excited To Get On The Water:

laughing at put-in.jpg

Boats Lined Up at Put-In:

boats at Merals Pool.jpg

Ryan Explaining How To Paddle:

Ryan w guests.jpg

Finally On the Water, from “Rockgarden” to “Clavey Falls”:

Making It Smoothly Through the First Rapid, Rockgarden:

Rock Garden.jpg

Some Paddle High-Fives at the Bottom of Ramshead:


Brian, Always Looking Back:

pretty rocks.jpg

Adam Rowing the “Cat”:

Adam rowing.jpg

Clavey Falls

A Good Omen; Butterflies on the Way to Scout Clavey Falls:


Even More Butterflies In Our Tummies At This Point:

scouting Clavey.jpg

Sitting On The Edge:

sitting at Clavey.jpg

Totally Calm Despite the Roar:

Robert at Clavey.jpg

Clean Runs:

below Clavey.jpg


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