Photos This Week: Catching Some Great Moments

Posted April 21, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

This week I’ve decided that instead of concentrating on one river in particular, I’d concentrate on a different theme: capturing the best moments of Spring 2005. Before getting swept up in the amazing high water season we’re about to have, I thought I’d first pay homage to all the fun we had last year. These are in no particular order and are pretty random, but entertaining nonetheless:

High Water Tuolumne Days:

I Have NO Idea Why They Kept Calling Me “Flipper” Last Year…

AO Spring 05 007.jpg

AO Spring 05 010.jpg

Looking At Clavey Hole:

AO Spring 05 026.jpg

Celebrating on the Bridge After A 14,500 Day:

Tu 14,500 049.jpg

Fun Times On the North Stan

What’s That Guy Holding On To?


Ryan A. Having A Blast in the Back of the Boat:


Hey You Guu-uuys!!!


Some Classic Faces In This One:


Enjoying The Best Job Ever:




AO Spring 05 068.jpg

A Few From the North Fork of the American:

An Intense Moment:

AO Spring 05 047.jpg

Naomi Making Sure Everyone ELSE Is High-Siding:

AO Spring 05 051.jpg

…Here’s To Another Great Year On The Way!


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