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Pre-Season Sale – Save 25% on AO Trips and/or Gift Certificates

Posted December 18th, 2012 by Amy diVittorio

Top Five Reasons to Give the Gift of Rafting to the Ones You Love
#5 Treats are tasty, but sometimes we need something Healthier and More Exhilarating.
#4 A family trip to a theme park is great, but a rafting Mini-Vacation is better.
#3 Reality TV is not Real Adventure.
#2 Video games are fun, but Experiences Last a Lifetime.
#1 Photos are pretty, but Being There is Better.

Yep, I know it may sound little wacky to discount all trips and gift certificates by 25% but that is in fact what we are doing. You don’t even have to know when you will raft, just that you will raft.  So for any rafter types out there this is bar none the best deal of the year. You get 25% more for your money and you can pick the date later (who can plan that far ahead anyway!).  It’s like getting 133 cents on the dollar.  Let me explain; you can spend your budget, um let’s say it’s $100, and you get $133 dollars to spend on the AO trip of your choice.  And, there are no black-out days, no hitches. Spend it on a gift certificate, spend it on yourself – it doesn’t matter because you still get 25% off the face value. That’s the Pre-Season Sale and it ends Jan. 31, 2013 at 5 pm.

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