Rafting Indoors- “Wild Water Adrenaline” on Play Station 2

Posted January 31, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

wildwateradrenaline-videogameIt’s finally here folks!

For a long time now we’ve been able to enjoy sports such as football and soccer using only our hands, a controller and a television. They even brought snowboarding and skiing into the comfort of our living-rooms.

And now… we finally have a whitewater rafting video game!!

(Check out the article: Whitewater Rafting Comes to PS2) I was really getting tired of having to go outside for this activity, so I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

I know I’m being a little harsh. It’s not as though I’ve never had fun playing video games, and I am actually pretty impressed that rafting draws enough interest that programmers even thought such a video game would be lucrative. Plus, I sometimes play the new Lego Starwars game with one of the kids I nanny for and am starting to get dangerous with a light saber. I think I may have a natural talent.

Perhaps I should try and get sponsored by Play Station and quit this whole guiding thing?


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