Rivers and More! Wild and Scenic Film Festival 2014

Posted January 9th, 2014 by Malina

WSFF-LogoRound these parts, you think of rivers, you think of rafting.  Duh.  But wait, there’s more!  What about the creatures that live in them?  Or how dams effect them?  Or what about rivers literally buried alive under cities?  I didn’t know that either, but apparently there are cities all over the world that, over time, have redirected their rivers to under ground sewers so the river is still there, but no one can see it!  Weird, right?  Don’t you want to learn more? Of course you do, and it’s all possible if you watch Lost Rivers, one of the many documentary films being shown at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival this weekend Jan 9-12, 2014 in Nevada City.

Here’s another film you gotta check out. No rafting here, but how ’bout this riverine madness:


Festival films will showcase the more typical things you associate with rivers as well–from Steelhead fishing to river conservation and dams to rivers we here at AO Rafting love and know quite well like the Rio Futaleufu in Chile and, closer home, the North Fork of the American River

And if for some reason you’re reading this blog and you couldn’t care less about rivers but but you are fascinated by bees, bears, plastic recycling, Yosemite, avoiding toxic Christmas presents or pretty much anything else related to saving the earth and connecting with what matters……..go to the festival this weekend. There is a film for you there.




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