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Posted October 24, 2012 by cameron

So my fellow rafting enthusiasts, it’s about that time of the year that we have this talk. The first week of distinctly fall weather just rolled through the Bay Area, and now it’s time to start looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, jack-o-lanterns, turkey feasts and other wintery past times. We’ve just had some great runs recently down the Goodwin Canyon (which you can still get in on until the 27th), and now it’s about time to start focusing on reeling in the reigns to build ourselves back up for next summer.

But since you’ve stuck with us to the end of the season (you are reading about rafting at the end of October), I want to give you a few pointers to make next season even better than this one.

1. If you know that you’re going to do some good hard rafting next summer, you definitely want to get in on our Pre-Season Sale. The sale runs November 1 through January 31.
2. Sign up for our e-news. I know for some, including myself, getting extraordinary amounts of emails is a hassle, but our e-news letter is one of the best ways to find out about limited time sales (like the aforementioned Pre-Season Sale).
3. Get in on the Cal Salmon

trip. We usually do one weekend up on the Cal Salmon class V run at the end of April. It’s a crazy long drive north, but it’s great rafting and hands down the most beautiful river canyon I’ve ever been too.
So there’s my two cents, and hey, if you have your own pointers for the off season, down’t keep them to yourself. Let everyone know what joyous rafting aspirations you have for summer 2013!


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