Thursday Is Weekly Pictures and Quotes Day!

Posted March 16, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

I hereby declare that Thursday on this blog shall be deemed our Weekly Pictures and/or Quotes day! I still have quite a few of Mark Reiner’s Photos to share, [see earlier post for explanation] and when the season starts up we’ll have a lot more pictures to choose from. As for the quotes, every once in a while one of us says something so classic that it would be a crime not to publicize and otherwise thouroughly embarrass them.


So today I continue in revealing some of my favorites from Mark Reiner’s new collection of photographs from the 2005 rafting season. Today’s pictures are from the North Stanislaus. [The order in which I reveal these, by the way, has to do with the timing of each river’s season. Both the North Fork, which I showcased last week, and the North Stan, are early spring rivers that tend to dissappear faster than some of the others.]

I’ll try, each week, to give a good mixture of scenery, whitewater action, and humorous moments. Enjoy these from the North Stan!

From crazy action…


ns05mr059-ed.jpgTo beautiful scenery…


To just plain classic…



Job well done, Mark! Job well done.


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