AO Rocks the (3rd Annual) Trailfest

Posted June 15, 2006 by Malina

Every summer the South Fork is host to a number of parties—there’s the River Shak Deli’s Luau (always a hit with those who can never find the right occasion to bust outaloha girl.jpg that coconut top bought in a fit of questionable judgement!), the “Dress to get Lei’d” (?!??!) party over at Voyages, and the Hotshots party where apparently grown men were riding Big Wheels or something in the parking lot last year. But for my money, the highlight of the year is the Trailfest. What’s more exciting than celebrating a TRAIL?! Ha ha. But seriously, I might be biased—and my love for the Trailfest might stem from the fact that it’s pretty much the only party I ever go to all summer long—but lemme tell ya: it’s a good ol’ time.

First, you got the philanthropic aspect. The event is a fundraiser for the American River Conservancy’s effort to create a public access trail that runstrailfest music.jpg along the American River all the way from here in the valley to Sacramento! Doesn’t matter who you are—can’t gripe about that! Not to brag, but to, like, totally brag: rumor has it that All-Outdoors, between our donations to the silent auction, company ticket purchases (thanks Scott A!), and guide ticket purchases contributed one of the largest sums to the event. And in term of sheer numbers, we were definitely a dominant force on the dance floor.

So what does the event consist of other than dancing AO guides? Well, you got your silent auction (as a brief aside: last year I participated in the silent auction and bought a bottle of local wine. But I bid more money than I had in my pockets so I had to harasstrailfest auction.jpg my friends and even a stranger or two to get the cash together at the end of the night! My old science teacher from High School, Mr. Quirk, saved the day! So a shout-out to him—I didn’t memorize the Periodic Table but I did (eventually) pay you back, so no hard-feelings, right?) OK, so anyway, you got the silent auction where you can bid on wine, local art, raft trips, gift baskets, dinner vouchers and other fabulousness. You can also win door prizes and sample local wines trailfest _1.jpgand beers. After you’ve filled your plate with Tri-Tip, garlic bread and Café Mahjaic’s famous Papaya salad you can sip your wine while you watch belly dancing and listen to awesome live music. Sierra Rizing bakery provides Baklava. I love Baklava. Next year, if you don’t want yours you can give it to me.

In addition to the Baklava there are also speakers and educational seminars, a kid’s activity table, and plenty of time to boogie. All this fun and it goes to a good cause! What could be better? I’ll tell you what! After all that good feeling is built up and you and your friends are getting kicked out of the event you head over the Coloma Club to round out the evening and baklava.jpgspread the good cheer.

What a night! Sooooo much fun. Now I’m pooped. Will I have the strength to rally for the Luau? Only time will tell. Only time will tell.


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