Volcano Erupts near Futaleufu River, Chile

Posted May 9, 2008 by Malina

On May 1st, the long dormant volcano Chaiten erupted 40 miles from Futaleufu.  We run river trips on the Futaleufu River every winter so we want to let our community know what has happened to this beautiful and sleepy town.

Since the first eruption on May 1st, Chaiten has erupted two more times, covering neighboring regions with 15 inches of ash.  The photographs we’ve seen look like a snowy winter evening–not the green South American landscape we know and love.  Many people in the area have been forced to evacuate, but others are trying to stay behind to care for livestock and property.

One of our guides works with a kayaking school based in the area and she told us that it has started collecting aid through an organization called the Futaleufu Relief Fund.  Run by the Rane family, this fund will distribute badly need aid like water filters, first aid, and dust masks.  The group is also helping clean up destroyed property, dead livestock, and the many tons of ash.  All funds collected will go directly towards rebuilding this incredible town and river valley.

All-Outdoors has close ties with the Futaleufu River, and we are establishing contact with the families we know and love in the area.  We will be focusing our attention in that direction and will keep you updated.  If you would like to contribute to the Rane family’s efforts we know they–and the people devestated by this unexpected natural disaster–will be grateful.  You can email them at futarelief@gmail.com for more information.

Above: The road out of Futaleufu…

Left: Ash covers the area’s simple homes…


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