Where in the World is AO?

Posted October 21, 2008 by Malina

I’m creating a new catagory for our blog, and want to invite you to contribute to it.  The premise is simple: Where in the world is AO?  What fabulous, bizarre, or creative places have you and your AO gear traveled?  What adventures have you shared together?  It could be you and your AO visor climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro, your trusty AO sweatshirt soaked to the bone in an Indonesian rainstorm, or your chums keeping your glasses on your face in a dusty corner of the Grand Canyon.  Wherever you and your AO swag have gone, whatever compromised, hilarious, or triumphant situations you have gotten yourself into, send me your photographic evidence and I’ll post it for all to see.  The rules are simple: it just has to show your AO-ness and the fabulous place or adventure you’re exeriencing.  Whether you’re an AO guide or an AO fan, send your pic to me at: malina@aorafting.com.

What do YOU do all outdoors, and where do you do it??


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