Whitewater Rafting in January

Posted January 26, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

Rafting in January.JPGA few weeks ago, I started really missing the river, and decided to write a blog about where to go Winter Rafting in Northern California. Considering that the blog was written completely based upon talks, interviews, and reading, it only quenched my thirst for a small moment. In fact, I ended up wanting to get out on the water even more than before I wrote the thing.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got the invitation last week to go along on a trip to the Smith and Cal Salmon rivers on the Northern California coast. Four of us, (Smokey, Adam, Brad and I) all headed out last Friday night toward Redding, then completed the drive to Hiuchi on Saturday.

The following three days were some of the more beautiful and fun river days I’ve ever had. We really lucked out with the weather- blue skies the whole time! So we got the beauty of a winter run– green hillsides, waterfalls, crystal blue water — and didn’t have to deal with rain.

It’s hard to put the whole experience into a small amount of words, so I’ll break it into pieces and post them day by day. In the meantime… start planning that winter boating trip. I’m already planning my next one!


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