Work up an appetite on the South Fork and go here for dinner!

Posted August 19, 2008 by Malina

Sometimes at All-Outdoors we work sort of late. And we get hungry. Scrounging through the fridge turns up left-over cheese and bread, maybe even some mustard. Soon cheese melts land with a thwack on desks. Other times someone plans ahead and tastier options appear.

And then there are Cafe Mahjaic nights. Oh how I love them. 7:30 rolls around, then 8:00. Bellies begin to growl, the empty fridge stares back remorseless. Desks give up no bounty of hidden crackers, stale cookies or limp fruit. Desperate, we convene in the hallway. We throw caution and deadlines to the wind! Cafe Mahjaic-bound we lock up the office, get out a flashlight, and walk down the road to that sweet oasis of culinary delight where glasses of wine and bowls of the best homemade soup you’ve ever had, await.

But you’re on vacation! You shouldn’t have to wait for last resorts to see for yourself! Do yourself a favor and as soon as you’ve booked your rafting trip call Cafe Mahjaic, make a reservation, and then pack your elastic waist shorts. You won’t regret it. (I’m not alone–check out reviews! And, no, I didn’t write these….:) )


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