3 Weeks Left for Class Five Rafting on Cherry Creek

Posted August 18, 2009 by Malina

It’s been a fantastic season on Cherry Creek this year but as they say, all good things, they come to an end.  After Labor Day the water level in the Tuolumne River–including its upper section, or Cherry Creek–will drop considerably. _MG_3743


There will be plenty water for fish, deer, and the hordes of meat bees we all know and love on the T, but there will not be enough water for rafting, extreme or otherwise.  Unless, I guess, _MG_3872your idea of extreme is carrying a heavy inflatable raft over very large rocks and sweating more water than you are actually standing in.  Point being, if you want to raft Cherry Creek this year, you gotta make your plans before the season is over.


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