River Features – A Rafting Glossary

Has your river guide ever described the river in terms that sounded totally foreign to you? Join us as we explain some of the most commonly used terms for river features you may hear while rafting.

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Beyond the Merced

Discover the Merced River Beyond the Rapids

Have you ever wondered what lies above and/or below the whitewater section of the river you raft on? Are there other recreation opportunities besides rafting? Let’s take a look at the Merced River watershed.

  Published April 25th, 2024

The 2024 California Whitewater Rafting Season Update

2024 will be an amazing year to raft in California with great options to choose from no matter what kind of trip you are looking for. See our season forecast and our recommendations for the best time to raft.

  Published April 8th, 2024

The Kaweah River - Southern Sierra

Explore Sequoia National Park and the Kaweah River Area

After an action-packed day of Class 4+ whitewater on the Kaweah River, take some time to explore the surrounding towns and National Parks for the perfect way to extend your adventure. Check out our recommendations!

  Published April 5th, 2024

California - The Whitewater Hub

Why California is the Hub of Whitewater Rafting

It is no secret that California has many whitewater rafting rivers to enjoy – the most of any US state! But why is that? What is the recipe for a place to become the hub of whitewater rafting? Let’s find out!

  Published March 29th, 2024

North Fork Stanislaus Rafting - Top 5

[VIDEO] Top 5 Rapids on the North Fork Stanislaus

The North Fork of the Stanislaus is one of the best kept secrets of California whitewater and offers a truly intimate alpine experience. So grab your paddles, fasten your life jackets, and get ready for an adventure.

  Published March 28th, 2024

River Rafting Bingo

River Rafting Trip Bingo

Whitewater rafting is an action adventure activity, but even the most intense of rivers have calm stretches between rapids. Play along as we fill those quiet moments with a game of river rafting bingo! Can you get five in a row?

  Published March 27th, 2024

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Explore Stanislaus National Forest and Beyond After Rafting the North Stan

A rafting trip on the North Stan is a guide and guest favorite every spring. If you get the chance to raft this hidden gem be sure to explore the areas well! Here are some of our local favorites.

  Published March 27th, 2024

Early Spring Rafting Highlights

 [VIDEO] Best of Early Spring Rafting in California

Early spring is a magical time to be on the river as the rapids start to rumble again after a long winter. Watch this video for our recommendation for the best California rivers to raft in early spring.

  Published March 15th, 2024

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California Multi-Day Rafting Trip

The Best California Multi-Day Rafting Trip

The West is home to some of the most renowned whitewater rafting experiences in North America, and California’s most notable member of this league of legends – the treasured Tuolumne River.

  Published June 28th, 2023

Poppy Hill on the South Fork American

Planning a California Spring River Rafting Trip

There are many good reasons to consider a spring whitewater rafting trip in California that apply universally, regardless of the snowpack levels in the current year. Here are just a few of them to get you inspired.

  Published February 16th, 2023

Best California Rafting Trip for Your Family

How to Choose the Best California Rafting Trip for Your Family

Read on to learn how to determine what California rafting trips are appropriate for families with children of all ages (youngsters, teenagers, as well as adults).

  Published August 4th, 2021

American River Rafting

Rafting Icon…The American River

It has become the icon of California rafting, and the most popular whitewater destination west of the Mississippi River.

  Published June 7th, 2021

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[VIDEO] White Water Rafting Levels / Classes Explained

The river classification system is based on an International Scale of River Difficulty and ranges from Class 1 to Class 6 rapids. Let’s look at the different white water rafting levels!

  Published June 19th, 2023

[VIDEO] Top 5 Rapids on the Kaweah River

Nestled just outside of Sequoia National Park, the Kaweah River is a must-visit for all adventure seekers. With a thrilling combination of Class IV rapids and lush scenery, this river is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  Published May 25th, 2023

[VIDEO] Overnight & Multi Day Rafting Trip Packing List

Take any guesswork out of packing for your overnight rafting trip with these expert tips. You will learn what to bring (and what to leave at home) and how to pack your dry bag efficiently.

  Published April 11th, 2023

What to wear for spring rafting in California

[VIDEO] What to Wear for Spring Rafting in California

Our expert tips on what to wear for spring rafting in California will help you gear up for your next spring river trip so you can enjoy this excellent time to raft to the fullest.

  Published May 9th, 2022

Welcome To The Family

All-Outdoors…What’s in a Name?

Our guests often ask us the question, “Where did the name All-Outdoors come from?” It is a good question and one that deserves to be answered.

  Published August 15th, 2022

[VIDEO] Family Founded, Family Operated, Family Values

Listen to All-Outdoors owner Gregg Armstrong tell the story of how the family got hooked on whitewater rafting back in the 1960’s, how the family keeps growing the rafting business, and how the rafting business keeps growing the family.

  Published August 2nd, 2021

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[VIDEO] What California Rivers Taught Me in 59 Years

All-Outdoors founder George Armstrong reflects on 59 years of lessons learned from California rivers.

  Published June 2nd, 2021

George Armstrong's Story of His First Rafting Trip in 1962

[VIDEO] George Armstrong’s First Rafting Trip in 1962

When George, now 94 years old, stepped off shore and into his little raft on the Stanislaus River, he had no idea what he was getting into. George and his group spent more time in the river than in the […]

  Published May 26th, 2021

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