All-Outdoors Women Leading the Way

All-Outdoors has been a pioneer in both whitewater rafting and gender inclusivity since its beginning in the 60’s. Women have contributed to the company’s growth every step of the way, playing vital roles both on and off the water.

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[VIDEO] Raft Guide Training on the California Salmon – Always More to Learn

Each spring, the AO guide community comes together for raft guide training to reconnect, pass down knowledge, gain confidence – all while rafting some of the best spring whitewater California has to offer.

  Published March 27th, 2023

California Snowpack and the 2023 Rafting Season

The epic California snowpack means we are looking at an exceptional whitewater rafting season ahead. It is too early for specifics, but here is what we can expect on California rivers in 2023, in broad strokes.

  Published March 15th, 2023

Rafting the California Salmon River

[VIDEO] California Salmon River Rafting – Guest Perspective

AO’s Frequent Floater Sven explains what he likes the most about our California Salmon River rafting trips. Watch and listen to find out who he plans to introduce this exciting river to next time around.

  Published March 13th, 2023

Poppy Hill on the South Fork American

Planning a California Spring River Rafting Trip

There are many good reasons to consider a spring whitewater rafting trip in California that apply universally, regardless of the snowpack levels in the current year. Here are just a few of them to get you inspired.

  Published February 16th, 2023

Predicting California River Flows for Rafting

All rivers are connected to rain and/or snow. If you want to know what California rivers will be doing in the spring, summer, and fall, you need to know what happened in the Sierra during the “wet season”.

  Published February 1st, 2023

Thanks for a great 2022 rafting season!

[VIDEO] Thanks for Rafting With AO in 2022!

Let’s look back at the 2022 rafting season that was full of friends, family, and adventure on some of the most beautiful and dynamic rivers in California.

  Published November 2nd, 2022

Apple Hill and American River Rafting Pair Well

Combine your American River rafting trip with a visit to the nearby Apple Hill orchards and wineries sitting just above the river canyon. We’ll show you how.

  Published September 21st, 2022

Goodwin Canyon Double Runs

Goodwin Canyon Double Runs: Class IV+ Rafting in October!

Every fall, river guides and whitewater enthusiasts take a short drive to the lower Stanislaus River to close the California rafting season with a Class IV+ splash.

  Published September 21st, 2022

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Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Getaway: Hiking & Merced Rafting

Pair a visit to Yosemite National Park with rafting on the Merced River! Spend some time in the park admiring the rocky features and the waterfalls and then ride on the very same whitewater just outside of the park.

  Published May 23rd, 2022

Best California Rafting Trip for Your Family

How to Choose the Best California Rafting Trip for Your Family

Read on to learn how to determine what California rafting trips are appropriate for families with children of all ages (youngsters, teenagers, as well as adults).

  Published August 4th, 2021

In The Press: How a 60-Year-Old Rafting Company Stays Afloat

In The Press: How a 60-Year-Old Rafting Company Stays Afloat

Steve Martarano of Comstock’s Magazine originally approached us about California rafting prospects during a drought. However, that changed once Steve started hearing the family stories.

  Published July 25th, 2021

California Multi-Day Rafting Trip

The Best California Multi-Day Rafting Trip

The West is home to some of the most renowned whitewater rafting experiences in North America, and California’s most notable member of this league of legends – the treasured Tuolumne River.

  Published July 7th, 2021

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The Reconnecting Power of Rafting and Rivers

[VIDEO] The Reconnecting Power of Rafting and Rivers

“As a mother and daughter activity…you have fun and excitement, and it’s healthy and good for your heart and soul…we plan to do it every year together!”

  Published June 17th, 2022

What to wear for spring rafting in California

[VIDEO] What to Wear for Spring Rafting in California

Spring is an excellent time to go rafting in California. Listen to Trey, the grandson of founder George Armstrong, as he provides some tips on what to wear and how to gear up for a springtime rafting trip.

  Published May 9th, 2022

[VIDEO] Family Founded, Family Operated, Family Values

Listen to All-Outdoors owner Gregg Armstrong tell the story of how the family got hooked on whitewater rafting back in the 1960’s, how the family keeps growing the rafting business, and how the rafting business keeps growing the family.

  Published August 2nd, 2021

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[VIDEO] What California Rivers Taught Me in 59 Years

All-Outdoors founder George Armstrong reflects on 59 years of lessons learned from California rivers.

  Published June 2nd, 2021

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