And then there was one.

Posted October 12, 2010 by Malina

Well, it’s happened.  You’ve seen another California rafting season wear down to brass tacks.  The Middle Fork has joined its bretheren at the river retirement home and now only the brave South Fork of the American soldiers on.

We admit it–there’s nothing like a summer rafting trip with blazing temps and sunburned kids running all over the place, but fall rafting…………….well, it has a magic to it.  The leaves are turning, wildlife is creeping out from its hiding places (you’d hide too, if you lived on the banks of the SF and watched thousands of lobster-red homo-sapiens bomb down the rapids day after day all summer long!), and the air is often filled with the calls of geese high high in the clouds above.  And the privacy–you just about get the river to yourself this time of year–something that is beyond possible in July and August.


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