Annual AO Baby Day 2008

Posted February 11, 2008 by Malina

kids-and-parents.jpgCupid’s summer home must be the clouds above our River Office because we have some serious love goin’ on around here, love that has turned into over 20 AO marriages, and a veritable pre-school of future river guides. Veteran guide Greg “Uncle Dunkel” got the bright idea a few years ago to round everybody up, circle the diaper bags, and have a baby party on the South Fork. It’s turned into an annual tradition, and Greg’s wife Saskia took a bunch of pictures of brand-new sprouts and big kids alike:

(left: Greg and Rowan, Steph and Owen)


big-kids08.jpg (big kids survey the scene)

toddlers-08.jpg (Sage, Harper and Avery)

ao_kids_08_040.jpg (the brand-new babies!)


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