California Rafting Guide School 2012

Posted March 29, 2012 by Malina

Are you ready to bail on Google, Tesla, or whatever other boring ol’ job you have and come get a taste of the real cutting edge?  Sign up for our professionial whitewater guide school and learn all kinds of new skills that every Fortune 500 company will be looking for! 

People skills!  Yes! Things like saying hello, please and thank you, getting to know people, laughing, and learning new ideas.  Organization!  We will teach you sorting skills, like putting vegetables on one plate and meats on a different plate for the Deli lunch spread.  We will also work with you on critical thinking skills.  For instance, do you want to get to take-out on time? Ok, then you must follow the plan and forward paddle.  Do you want to avoid sunburn?  Good. Wear sunscreen.  Everytime you are out in the sun.  With skills like these, success is virtually guarenteed when you want to get back into a “real job.”  But until then, you’ll have incredible adventures with pretty awesome people, you’ll learn new skills, challenge your limits, and impress  your city friends with your ability to cook brownies using cast iron, charcoal, a butterfinger bar.  Whether or not you become a professional river guide after school depends on your ability, work ethic, and our hiring needs, but I can say with confidence you will have a ball during the week you spend with us, and we hope you’ll fall as in love with the river as we are.

Learn more and find a guide school application at our website.  Dates for our 2012 professional rafting guide school are April 19-22, and April 27-29 (split school) and June 19-25 for the summer session.


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