The 2022 California Whitewater Rafting Season Update [MAP]

Posted April 9, 2022 by Lenka Bostian

California Rafting Season Update Map

Which California River Will You Explore?

All-Outdoors operates professionally guided whitewater rafting trips on 10 California rivers. (Explore this section of the website to find great photos, videos, maps, and descriptions of each of the rivers and trip options we offer.)

River trip options vary in a range of ways, including the level of difficulty, length of trip, minimum age requirements, driving distance, seasonality, and available itineraries. Consider what kind of experience you want for yourself and for your group before selecting a river and date.

When Should You Go Rafting?

We offer rafting trips in California from April until the end of October every year, and each river has its own season that ranges in duration depending on upstream reservoirs or the rate of melt-off from the Sierra snowpack.

Even during the drought, water stored in upstream reservoirs gets released on a schedule to generate hydropower, provide water for drinking and irrigation – and gives the tax paying public the bonus of reliable flows for recreational whitewater boating! Read our post When in Drought, There’s Still Water For Rafting to learn more!

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly trip with the kids, or a thrilling ride for your group of experienced rafters, you will have options to choose from all season long.

Go Rafting This Spring (April – May)

Some rivers will only be available during the spring snowmelt months of April and May, including the North Fork of the American, Merced & Kaweah Rivers. Do not wait too long to join us on these come-along-once-a-year California beauties! Additionally, trips will also be available on the South Fork of the American River and the Tuolumne River from April, and on the Middle Fork of the American River starting in May.

Go Rafting This Summer & Fall (June – October)

During the summer and fall months, we will continue to offer trips on select rivers with upstream reservoirs that provide reliable flows, including the South Fork of the American River, Middle Fork of the American River, Tuolumne River and Cherry Creek (Upper Tuolumne). Additionally, every October there is a special scheduled release on the Class IV-IV+ Goodwin Canyon section of the Lower Stanislaus River near Knights Ferry.

Please check the map above for our forecast for when each river will be running.

If you want to dig into greater detail about the flows for each river, check our Real-Time Flow Reports for California Rivers for more information about this year’s seasonal flow projections.

Need any help planning your trip? Just reach out by phone, email, Live Chat.


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