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Merced River Rafting is D-O-N-E done for 2012

That’s it, the Merced is offline!  If you want to raft in the Yosemite Valley area, best turn your attention to the Tuolumne River.  It’s not sourced in Yosemite like the Merced is, but it’s still close enough to add […]

  Published June 7th, 2012

Strike while the Merced is hot……

No marathon season on the Mighty Mer this year folks — if you’re wanting to get in the triple crown of Half-Dome-Yosemite-Waterfalls — Merced-River-Rafting this year, you gotta act fast!  We’ll be out on the Merced River rafting away into early […]

  Published May 17th, 2012

Merced White Water Rafting: Final Weekends!

The end is nigh for the Mighty Merced River this year.  Even this year’s wunderbar snowpack couldn’t hold up forever…. The next two weekends we’ll have fun water on the Merced and then the river will become too low to […]

  Published July 15th, 2010

High Water on its way…….finally??

It doesn’t take a genius with a degree in meteorology or geophysics or whatever to see that this spring the weather has been WHACK!  Hail, windstorms, humidity, rain, blazing sunshine, huge puffy clouds, grey haze and freezing nights.  We’ve been […]

  Published June 2nd, 2010

Good Night Merced, Goodnight Redbud Rafting

And we’re out.  We’ve gathered gear near and far, emptied the trash, and rolled the sleeping bags:  no more Merced River rafting in 2009.   They powered through high water, extended trips,  and had a flip here and there, but the Mer-Men and […]

  Published July 13th, 2009

Merced River Rafting: The Extended Version!

[vimeo][/vimeo]Word on the street around here is that the Merced River is going to have a slightly extended season.  It’s hot now, but the cool beginning to the summer means that the snowpack lasted a little longer than we’d usually […]

  Published July 1st, 2009

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