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Fun on the river: cliff jumping and river games

All-Outdoors Trips Offer More Than Whitewater

  Published September 28th, 2023

Armstrong Family Reunion

Armstrong Family Reunion on the South Fork American

Last weekend saw four generations of the Armstrong clan, including All-Outdoors founder George Armstrong, now 96, come together for the annual family rafting trip on the South Fork American River.

  Published September 13th, 2023

Tunnel Chute

Tunnel Chute Rafting Up Close and Personal

  Published August 30th, 2023

Cherry Creek - Upper Tuolumne

Ready, Set, Cherry Creek!

After taking its sweet time, the 2023 Cherry Creek rafting season is finally here! Higher river flows caused by the abundant snowpack kept rafters away from this Class 5 run until early August, but the season will still end on Labor Day, so plan your trip ASAP!

  Published August 14th, 2023

a splash of summer fun

Add a Splash of Fun to your Summer!

We love a good splash fight! Whether you’re trying to cool off your friends or start a water fight, we’re here for it. The calm stretches of river between rapids on the South Fork American make for the perfect battlefield.

  Published August 2nd, 2023

Bird’s-Eye View of Tunnel Chute Rapid

Check out this unique birds-eye perspective of the Middle Fork’s famous Tunnel Chute rapid! Thank you to American Bar Mining for sharing this drone footage with us.

  Published July 19th, 2023

Summer fun on the Merced River.

Welcoming Summer on the Merced

Our Merced River rafters were in for a real treat on this last weekend of spring. Lots of water in the river and bluebird skies with sunshine abound. Thanks to the slow melting snow in the Sierras, we’ll be able to raft on our favorite free-flowing rivers like the Merced well into the summer this year!

  Published June 21st, 2023

Class IV Magic on the North Fork Stanislaus

All that melting snow is doing wonders for the North Fork of the Stanislaus this season. Check out this clean line as an All-Outdoors guide smoothly drops into The Claw (Class IV).

  Published May 24th, 2023

Merced River’s Splitrock Rapid at 10,000 CFS

The Merced River swelled to some impressive flows recently! Watch what it’s like to raft through the famous Splitrock Rapid (Class IV) when the river is pumping at 10,000 cubic feet per second.

  Published May 10th, 2023

Earth Day Rafting on the South Fork American

What a great way to celebrate Mother Earth! Our rafters this past weekend made awesome memories and captured these fun clips. Can you tell which famous South Fork rapids these are with all this extra water flowing through them?

  Published April 25th, 2023

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