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Auburn Dam Water Rights Revoked

Auburn Dam–the project with more lives than an alley cat–has been dealt a mighty blow: on December 2, the California Water board voted unanimounsly to revoke the water rights it granted over 30 years ago to the US Bureau of […]

  Published December 5th, 2008

California’s Auburn Dam: The Saga Continues . . .

This is one controversy that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin, I’ll tell you what.  After more than thirty years (!) the proposed Auburn Dam saga just got a whopping new chapter: the possibility that the State of California […]

  Published November 19th, 2008

Long-Awaited Auburn Dam Study Predicts Costs in Excedence of 6 Billion Dollars

Last year, Doolittle decided to use (ahem…waste..ahem) 1 billion taxpayer dollars for yet another study on the proposed Auburn Dam. A dam which, if built, would drown miles of the Middle and North Forks of the American River. And for […]

  Published January 31st, 2007

Auburn Dam the Focus of Recent Congressional Panel

The Auburn Dam has officially been resurrected from the dead. The last post I wrote warned that proponents of the dam were gaining momentum in D.C…well now they’re off and running. [For some background information, read some of these recent […]

  Published April 9th, 2006

Auburn Dam Proponents Gaining Momentum in DC

As a result of increased Folsom Dam costs and recent flood fears ignited by Hurricane Katrina, congressional supporters of an Auburn Dam have recently been successful in obtaining funding and powerful allies on Capitol Hill that lend momentum to a […]

  Published March 17th, 2006

Sacramento Newspaper Finds That Auburn Dam Would Be an “Expensive Mistake”

An article in the Sacramento Bee last Sunday reported that a proposed Auburn Dam on the American River “could be an expensive mistake.” This article couldn’t have come at a better time, considering all the renewed momentum that dam proponents […]

  Published February 27th, 2006

Hurricanes in California?- Katrina Disaster Unfortunately Drawing Ill-Founded Support for the Auburn Dam

Senator Doolittle has lately been making attempts to put the Auburn Dam back on the table in national legislation. (The Auburn Dam would drown most of the Middle Fork American River canyon and half of the North Fork American.) Lending […]

  Published February 2nd, 2006

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