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Some Favorite River and Water Quotations

I’m feeling a little bit sappy today. Which, by the way, I just learned can also be expressed by saying: I’m feeling a little bit schmaltzy today. (Gotta love those Thesaurus tools in Word). Anyway, I’ve been reading a really […]

  Published July 6th, 2007

Backpacking In the Middle Fork American River Canyon

About a month ago, when the water was still extremely high and the weather a little bit wetter, Kevin Elardi decided to spend a weekend exploring the Middle Fork American River Canyon during a time of year in which it’s […]

  Published June 14th, 2006

What, Really, Constitutes a “Wrap”?

OK so I have this “friend” – we’ll call her Sudds – who was guiding a boat down the North Fork of the Smith River this weekend at fairly low water. The day went really well all the way through […]

  Published February 21st, 2006

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