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Some Favorite River and Water Quotations

I’m feeling a little bit sappy today. Which, by the way, I just learned can also be expressed by saying: I’m feeling a little bit schmaltzy today. (Gotta love those Thesaurus tools in Word). Anyway, I’ve been reading a really […]

  Published July 6th, 2007

Backpacking In the Middle Fork American River Canyon

About a month ago, when the water was still extremely high and the weather a little bit wetter, Kevin Elardi decided to spend a weekend exploring the Middle Fork American River Canyon during a time of year in which it’s […]

  Published June 14th, 2006

Women’s Rugby Team Proves Rowdier Than College Fraternities!

The theme on the Kaweah River these past few weekends has been all about team bonding and brotherhood. With two fraternities doing trips (one from UCLA and one from USC), and then a masters women’s rugby team joining us this […]

  Published May 25th, 2006

The Shortest Swim Ever

This last Saturday, Randy and Scott Armstrong organized a fun guides trip down the North Fork of the American River. The point was mainly to have a good time, but also to see what the river behaved like at around […]

  Published April 19th, 2006

AO Guides Overnight It in the New River Gorge

Background Info on the New River: California’s New River is a tributary to the better-known Trinity River, flowing out of the majestic Trinity Alps and dropping in to the Trinity at the end of a popularly-boated section called Burnt Ranch […]

  Published April 4th, 2006

What, Really, Constitutes a “Wrap”?

OK so I have this “friend” – we’ll call her Sudds – who was guiding a boat down the North Fork of the Smith River this weekend at fairly low water. The day went really well all the way through […]

  Published February 21st, 2006

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