Cherry Creek Update: Too high for Trips this Weekend

Posted June 19, 2009 by Malina

Well, if there’s one thing we rely on here in the rafting business it’s that stuff changes all the time.  The government and nature are more powerful than our powers to predict river conditions.

Case in point:  Yesterday I happily announced that our Cherry Creek season would open with a series of trips beginning June 19th.  We based this decision off information from the water guys at Hetch Hetchy reservoir.  Today we found out that in order to keep Hetch Hetchy from “spilling,” the dam authorities have decided to unexpectedly increase flows into the Tuolumne River.

Result?  Flows on the Main Tuolumne are gonna be great this weekend!  But Cherry Creek is just a little too high to run commercially so we’ve had to cancel those trips.  Hetch Hetchy tells us the spill risk should lessen soon (this hot spell is going to put a final fork in the remaining snowpack and then we’ll be entirely reliant on scheduled releases from reservoirs) so I expect to be telling you next week that Cherry Creek will be open for business.


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