Early February Report: 2011 California Rafting Season

Posted February 14, 2011 by Malina

Like all of you, I’ve been wondering what all this bee-oo-tee-full weather has meant for our dear 2011 California rafting season.  I mean I am loving all the sunshine, and I know the legions of kayakers are loving their days on the South Fork American, but has our current pleasure been coming at the expense of our season later on??

I had to know.  So I went straight to the source: Gregg A.  “Gregg A, I said, what does all this happy happy sunshine mean for us?  Should I start crying inside?”  And do you know what he said?  He said “Put on some sunscreen and keep that tan at bay–and don’t worry none about the weather.”

Ok, so he didn’t actually sound like Pa Ingalls talking to Half Pint (come on, you know you watch Little House re-runs…).   But he did say not to worry.  Basically, it’s been so cold in the Sierra, and we started this winter with such a great snowpack base, that we are still doing just fine.  Or more than fine–we’re still above average virtually everywhere across the state–in fact Southern California is at 147% of normal so holy cow, think about the Kaweah River this year!

Keep those snow dances going because as far as we’re concerned the more the merrier, but for now, things are looking mighty fine, as Pa would say.


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